Microsoft Global Security Badge Update

Microsoft issues security badges to each of its 120,000 employees world-wide.


The Challenge

Microsoft senior leadership provided a corporate directive to upgrade all employee and vendor badges globally.  Badge-holders were given an option to update their photos and personal information for their new badges.

A platform was required to receive badge-holder’s photos and information, provide quality assurance, manage exceptions, and track the new badges through production and delivery to their badge-holders.


The Solution

The solution included three integrated applications addressing the full business process from end to end.

  1. MyMSPic provided Web + Mobile support for all badge-holder operations related to the badge update.  These included uploading and proofing a new portrait, and updating personal user information.
  2. MyMSPic Review supported Microsoft quality reviews of badge-holder submitted photos and information. 
  3. MyMSPic Cardholder Information provided management and start to finish tracking of badges from initial submission through final delivery to their badge-holders.

An Azure Hosted Web + Mobile application was provisioned, supported by Azure SQL for data and Azure Storage for images.  Single-Sign-On was implemented for Microsoft CorpNET users supporting two-factor authentication.

A SharePoint Collaboration Portal was provisioned for the project team and stakeholders.  Status Reports and badge tracking information were surfaced here with Power BI and with Excel Services.

OffPiste’s solutions manager oversaw the application lifecycle from initial requirements gathering through retirement and archiving.  This was a global solution affecting nearly every employee and vendor at Microsoft.  Security of personal information, reliability of operation, and clarity of operation and status were major objectives successfully delivered in this solution.


Services and Platforms

Solutions Management
Project Management
Process Assessment
Application Design and Build


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