Microsoft Real Estate Dashboard

Technology project management can be streamlined with a single, connected dashboard experience.


The Challenge

The senior leadership at Microsoft for RE&F requested a Project Management Office (PMO) with a single source to monitor all technology projects from cradle to grave with emphasis on budget, performance KPIs, milestone deliverables, and key documents.


The Solution

To satisfy this request it was necessary to first engage the various business owners and stakeholders to build a consensus of how the PMO would be governed.

This effort resulted in a comprehensive PMO Playbook, onboarding practices, and training materials.

The PMO Dashboard was provisioned and socialized to the existing project teams who input their projects.

Additionally, ongoing administration was provided to facilitate the onboarding and maintenance of projects and approval requests.

The PMO Dashboard in concert with the PMO Playbook and administrative support delivered the requested single source of truth for Microsoft RE&F Technology projects.


Services and Platforms

Solutions Management
Project Management
Strategic Planning
Process Assessment
Application Design and Build
Application Lifecycle Management
Portal and Collaboration
Taxonomy and Content Management
Governance and Retention


Web & Mobile
Microsoft Office